Thursday, August 24, 2017

My latest work - The discovery of The Greatest Force in the Universe - What Einstein called - The Grand Unification Theory

The Greatest Force And How To Use It - Star Wars was RIGHT!


The Greatest Force in the universe has been discovered by this author.  It's Einstein's suggestion, of course, but the real proof, that Einstein could not produce mathematically is inside of your mind, literally.  The only thing you need to do now - After reading this book - is how you can use the Greatest Force in your daily life.  Come back on or around Sept. 11th to get your free copy to find out how.  Could be sooner, so check back every day and when you can click on the cover to purchase on Amazon, and/or you'll know it's available. 

My latest work will explain the following Timeline in such a way that everything happening in the world will become clear to anyone with a brain.  Why is the culture in Decay?  Could it be the Weak Force  - The force in the universe responsible for the Decay of atoms?  If so, what do we do about it?  Can we use the Strong Force?  Can we use the Greatest Force?


 In the meantime, read the previous works of mine that lead me to the greatest discovery of all time.


The Greatest Force in the Universe has been discovered.  Next, you need to learn how to use it in your every day life.  Not to worry - this book will show you the way.

The Four Fundamental Interactions in the universe - The Strong Force, The Weak Force, the Electro-Magnetic Force and Gravity have long been thought to be tributaries of the same river.  In The Greatest Force, we explore the fact that this river has been discovered by research performed recently that is based on the 'Entanglements' of electrons.  They know about each other and therefore represent the first layer of Consciousness in the universe.  It is the flow of Consciousness from the Greatest Force, right up until the presentation of these words in your brain that make up the greatest way to connect the dots.  

The Greatest Force knows where every point in the universe lies and what role it must play in the overall scheme of things.  Some of these points in the universe intersect at your location in Space/Time, therefore your fate is locked in to the same trending events of the Past, Present and Future.  What you need to do now is merely learn how these basic Laws of Physics impact all the events of your life every day.  It's not Rocket Science, and is instead one of the simplest things in the universe that can be known.  

Einstein could not prove the "Grand Unification Theory" mathematically and was frustrated up until his death in 1952.  This is only because he was over-thinking it.  In this book, we prove Einstein's greatest theory that he knew in his gut to be the absolute truth about the universe and our role in it.  

Give this book a read only if you are a curious Science buff who likes to learn about the latest scientific discoveries but without all of the blustering bluff, bombast and balderdash that accompanies most scientific papers.  This information can be completely understood by anyone with a basic High School education.  The Greatest Force planned it that way.

Is this The Force that they use in Star Wars?  I leave that up to your interpretation.  Science Fiction today often uncovers the truth about our reality in very interesting and entertaining ways.  This book will seem like Science Fiction to some, but when you complete your study and suddenly everything in your life snaps into place and things begin to go the way you had always hoped, The Greatest Force may be with you - Always!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

One Crazy Bastard Saves The World - Available NOW - Prepare for the JUMP into Hyper-Space - Get Started Now in Greatest New Sci-Fi Adventure of your life.

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Prepare For The Jump Into HyperSpace


The story of how I used my own Science Background in researching the latest discoveries in Particle Physics to invent the Decay Ray - a Ray Gun that will be used soon to destroy all of the Nuclear Weapons laying around on this planet and threatening to destroy us all.  In this book, the hero turns the tables and destroys all nuclear threats in one day and saves the world.  This is not a drill.  Patent applied for and submitted to the Pentagon in March of 2017.  When they fire their warheads at us and they don't explode - You'll know who to thank. 

Some will call this book Science Fiction.  Others will find a new kind of reality within the pages of One Crazy Bastard Saves The World. Entering the world of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, the Author takes us on a journey through the smallest and least understood part of our universe and uses it like a paint brush to show us the way into a future that can actually save the world.

There's a world that lies hidden underneath the world that we all know and trust.  The world of the sub-atomic particles is little more than a fabric of all possible outcomes that the universe can provide.  We live in one possible event cycle of these potentials.  

When you discover our main thesis - that we are controlled by our electrons - you are free to choose from an entirely new and original set of outcomes for your life.  

The hero of this book, who also happens to be the author, has been forced to watch the world come to the brink of total disaster, however, he has also been forced to give the world the answer to all of its major problems.  You will learn about the Decay Ray Gun that he has presented to the Pentagon in real life and which may soon eliminate all possibility of nuclear war by destroying all of our nuclear warheads in a single day.  The same technology may also be used soon to covert the economy, the larger society as a whole into a very different place where the Five Laws For Humanity replace everything else that we currently know and obey.

This book is waiting to take you on the greatest adventure of your life where you will confront all of the most modern scientific principles and you will learn how to turn them into your own advantage and the realization of all your dreams.  

Hopefully part of your dream energy will be utilized to help the hero of our story actually save the world.  There has never been anything like this written down before.  

Come and play in the world of modern Quantum Physics where reality is really anything that you want it to be.  It's all in the probabilities of your life's events as they are presented by the entangled electrons in your brain.

The Author's previous books based on the latest Scientific Discoveries are converted  into the most innovative and exciting Science Fiction you may ever know.  Or is  it Science Fiction or actual Science at work here?  You may never know the difference once you put your brain to the test.

One thing is for certain, this crazy bastard is out to save the world and you're invited to watch the fun begin.

The events in this book are related to the ongoing research at The Large Hadron Collider, the particle accelerator used to uncover the secrets of the universe.  They are currently finding new particles and new forces that constitute all of the events of our lives every minute and every second.  This is a story of one of these scientists who uncovers the greatest secret of all time and is using this secret right now in our present reality to change the outcome of the destructive path we're on and divert our planet to an outcome that will satisfy all.  This is not a drill.  This is not a joke.  It's the real thing.  Volunteers are requested to join this crazy bastard to help effect the greatest possible outcome not only in your life, but for the continued life and survival of this planet.  There is no more important work of Science and Science Fiction out there today.


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Maxtricity is FREE this WEEK-END


What if someone has discovered a COMPLETELY 

NEW form of Electricity?


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The Science of Entangled Electrons


If you were available to help Nicola Tesla make his form of electricity become accepted over Edison's form of electricity would you have GIVEN the GUY a GOOD REVIEW?  

Sunday, February 19, 2017

New Scientific Breakthroughs in Quantum Physics suggests that there is a new form of electricity in the offing.

What if someone has discovered a new form of Electricity?

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The Science of Entangled Electrons


If you were available to help Nicola Tesla make his form of electricity become accepted over Edison's form of electricity would you have GIVEN the GUY a GOOD REVIEW?  

This is all we ask for NOW - We need Maxtricity to Replace the older, slower, less efficient form of Electricity that WASTES ALL OF THE EARTH'S RESOURCES



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FIRST there were protons.  Then, neutrons, then electrons and quarks.  Welcome to the age of the MAXTRONS ~

The Science of Entangled Electrons
What is Entanglement?  How do electrons know about each other?  How do they reverse their spin?  This book will CHANGE EVERYTHING that you believe you know.

We may have discovered a new, much more powerful form of electricity that emanates from a class of electrons who have fallen in love.  You will want to know about it and you CAN KNOW ABOUT IT NOW - BE THE FIRST ON YOUR BLOCK


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FIRST there were protons.  Then, neutrons, then electrons and quarks.  Welcome to the age of the MAXTRONS~


"We all learn as school children that the flow of random, unrelated electrons in our civilization along a wire, cable or other conducting pathway is what we know as electricity.  In this book, we will all learn how Maxtricity - a new force never known before - is the flow of Maxtrons (electrons that have become 'entangled') along a wire, cable or conducting pathway and that the force thereby created is infinitely greater than the force of electrical power."  

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"Live as though you were going to DIE tomorrow.  
Learn as if you were going to LIVE forever." - Mohandes Gandhi

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Quantum Physics to ANNOUNCE the Basis of MAXTRICITY



The Science of Entangled Electrons

Coming to Amazon - SOON

Prepare Now - Read previous work today

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When Physicists re-start the Large Hadron Collider this spring, among the many experiments to learn more about the origins of the universe - they will also use my experiment to find if Electrons can learn just like humans do.  We already know they are conscious beings because of the recent discovery of - Entanglements.

The most curious thing about Consciousness - and to check me on this just examine your own state of consciousness as you read these words - is that once you become conscious, all you want to do is LEARN.  And the more you learn, the more questions you have and then learning becomes the greatest addiction in life.  This addiction for learning is the basis of Science.

Only Science can get us out of the mess we're in as human beings.  Donald Trump can't do it.  Obama couldn't do it.  All the military might in the world can't do it.  We have to do it ourselves.  AND NOW - FINALLY we will have the POWER to do it.  Maxtricity will out-perform all other forms of power on this planet in the coming decade.  It will out perform nuclear, coal, gas, oil, wind power or anything else that comes along because it will be fueled by the forces in Nature that were produced by the God Particle or at least the geezer who produced the God Particle - we're not completely sure yet - but it has to be one or the other.

Armed with this new information - the Large Hadron Collider folks now have in front of them a clear path to determine if electrons can learn and maybe even how they learn - what Consciousness is all about and how our own brand of Consciousness may be connected to this sub-atomic civilization.

One thing I know - is that once you let your mind travel down this rabbit-hole, you can't come back out.  It's an overwhelming feast for the senses and it hooks you right from the start and if you're like me you'll become Uber Religious.


SOON we'll know if electrons can learn.  Here in this animation is the start of an experiment that will tell us MORE.  But, if electrons can learn, we'll need to know how to train them to do more for us.  This is the basis of my next book - Maxtricity - The New Electricity derived from Happier and Healthier electrons.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Latest Evidence From the Large Hadron Collider Suggests That Electrons Can Learn

Can Electrons Learn? - A book about how to use the Large Hadron Collider more effectively and to determine the answer to the most important question of our time.


Latest research performed by the Large Hadron Collider suggests that all of the Laws of Physics are determined by electrons and other sub-atomic particles because it only takes the first particle in the universe to encounter another one and these two determine how they can behave in harmony with one another without destroying one another.  Then, all other sub-atomic particles, including electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks, everything other particle that is formed then gains the knowledge about how to act from the first one.  The learning is shared instantaneously around the entire universe in a 100% uniform manner.  In other words, the Laws of Physics are not determined by God or some kind of Law-Of-Physics DATABASE.  It's a learned behavior that is spread by the first actors in the universe who are able to survive in their various roles and these survival positions in the universe are then seen by us as the Laws of Physics. 

This version of the construction of the Cosmos tells us that these particles can learn their place from the original individuals who were lucky enough to find the proper distance from each other which in turn, generates all of the sub-atomic forces of the universe, such as 'The Strong Force', the one that we can measure that holds all of the nuclear particles together and which is one million times stronger than the 'Weak Force', the one that determines how these subatomic particles will be attracted to one another and create the world we know and love.

In the diagram above, the small blue dot in the center is the nucleus of the atom.  The squiggly lines surrounding the little blue dot represents the distance that the electron must obey every time they encounter a little blue dot.  This rule of the sub-atomic world is NEVER violated.  Using Darwin's theory of Evolution, we believe that the first electrons that landed in this distance, found it to be a distance they could live in and be happy with.  They would not spiral into the nucleus and be absorbed, nor would they fly off into space and become lost.  Just like the distance from the Sun where the Earth orbits its source of heat and light just enough to support life - "The Goldilocks Zone" - their distance from the center of their little solar system of the atom was "Just Right".

And then like dutiful little astronauts, these first explorers of space and time, some billions of years ago, when the universe was cooling down from the Big Bang - these plucky pioneers then handed this information down to the other electrons that would ever come along from that point forward in a kind of DNA Coding for all electrons (in this example) to know and find.  They found them by the countless trillions of zeroes in their numbers and this is how all the elements that support our life on Earth were created.

We see the coding in the measurements and distances that we can determine through our scientific experimentation as the Laws of Physics.  We have recently uncovered the DNA code, the Laws of Physics for our own survival and Evolution - now it is time to turn our attention to the code of evolution that 

This may all sound like the plot of a fascinating new Science Fiction novel and perhaps someday I'll author one based on this notion.  However, I find the facts of Science far more interesting than any fiction that can be conceived by my brain.  Since I landed on the fact of Science - now confirmed by many experiments around the world - that electrons can become 'Entangled' or in other words, can know about each other's activities, and we also know from these experiments that the awareness of each other is INSTANTLY communicated to any other place in the universe.  There is no time-delay in one entangled electron knowing about the other's state.  We have now seen how the Laws of Physics may have been created.

For all these reasons, the single most important scientific apparatus in history is not the microscope.  It is not the telescope.  It is not the spectroscope.  The most important scientific apparatus in history is the machinery we have devised like the Large Hadron Collider, the Stanford Linear Accelerator, the upcoming International Linear Accelerators et al, will be determined to take this role because they may soon uncover the very reason for our existence, the real evolution of Consciousness in this universe and how we may be able to use these forces to create a safer, more equitable, prosperous and sustainable world. 



Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Can Electrons Learn? CERN's Large Hadron Collider holds all the answers to the world's problems in total.

CERN's Large Hadron Collider found the God Particle in 2012.  In 2017 it must find out how much it knows about us.

The Large Hadron Collider announced on July 4th 2012 that they had discovered the long sought after - God Particle (Higgs boson)

Today, they are looking at Anti-Matter, Dark Matter, Dark Energy and they're getting closer to the entire schematics of the machinery of the universe.  What they are not pressing hard to find is whether or not these sub-atomic particles have more than what energizes them.

In my latest book - Can Electrons Learn - I ask the Physicists of the world to band together to design the ultimate experiment, an experiment that will prove that electrons are capable of learning.  It's already known that they have Consciousness.  See "Entanglements" in Wikipedia for a complete discussion or go to 'The 4 States of Consciousness' to learn more.

IF we unlock this unresolved question, we could begin to build a completely new world where there would never be a problem too big for us to over-come quickly, easily and efficiently.