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Science Writing and Science News Plus a little imagination and what it means to me (AND HOPEFULLY YOU)

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The Art of Science Writing: Tips & Tricks to Write Engaging and Accurate Science Content

We performed the following scientific research to get you to land on this page.  It's not Voodoo - It's Science!  

Introduction: What is Science Writing and Its Importance

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How to Research for a Science Writing Assignment

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Tips & Techniques For Writing More Engaging Scientific Content

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How To Simplify Complex Scientific Concepts Into Easily Understandable Ideas

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Advantages of Hiring a Professional Science Writer For Your Projects

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Conclusion: Get Started With Professional Science Writing Today to Create Powerful Content that Resonates with Your

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Blog topic:

The Ultimate Guide to Fun and Educational Science Experiments for Kids (and Adults!)

Blog outline:

Introduction: What is a Science Experiment and How Do They Work?

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5 Amazing Science Experiments to Try with Everyday Household Items

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How to Help Your Kids Explore the World of Science Through Experiments?

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Creative Ways To Make Your Own Science Experiments and Teach Kids About the Wonders of Nature

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What are the Best Resources to Find Ideas for Fun and Educational Experiments?

online resources for educational activities

Exploring the Impact of Science Fiction on Culture, Technology, and Society

Introduction: What is Science Fiction and How Does it Affect Our Lives?

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How Science Fiction Has Influenced Technology & Society

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Exploring the Impact of Sci-Fi Movies & TV Shows

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The Role of Sci-Fi Books in Influencing Popular Culture & Trends

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Analyzing the Influence of Sci-Fi Video Games

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Conclusion: The Increasingly Important Role of the Science Writer like me.  I create new scientific exploration from my imagination.  This is my latest book - as one example.

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The Latest and Greatest In Science and Scientific Experimentation

You've been curious about these keywords haven't you?

What is science direct?  What comprises science for kids?  Does , science and technology go hand in hand?  Where are my Science buddies.  What types of science do I like the most?

What is life science all about?  We could tell you but then we may have to kill you.  Where can i find scientific journals?  Just google them on your own time.  Science research journals are too complex for most of us.  It's true.  But science news today - pretty easy to digest.  Weekly science magazines are amazing and not hard to read.  Very popular. Nature journal is my fave.  The Science website for discussions about pure scientific research journals is this one.  If you belong to any 
journal publishing groups, please let me know.  I have something special for you.

Science magazine news can be helpful as well as science news for kids. but I don't know how to publish in nature or science, though I'm sure that there is a nature and science impact factor.

Top 10 Movies You Must Watch This Year – A Movie Buff’s Definitive Guide

Introduction: What Makes These 10 Movies So Noteworthy?

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How to Enjoy the Newest Blockbuster Movies at Home

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Discussing the Best Storylines of 2020's Most Memorable Films

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Exploring Cinematography & Film Production Trends in 2020's Movies

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The Impact of Streaming Services & Digital Distribution on Movie Industry

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Appreciating 2019-2020 Actors & Directors Who Stole Our Hearts(Keyword: actors directors

A Beginner's Guide to the Best Movies of All Time

Introduction: What Makes a Movie "Best"

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The 5 Most Notable Directors in Cinematic History & their Best Movies

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How to Systematically Judge Movies by Developing Your Movie-watching Criteria

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The Different Types of Genres and Subgenres in the Film Industry

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Popular Franchises & Series that Have Achieved Immortality on the Screen

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Science fiction has always been a source of inspiration for cutting-edge science and research. It often reflects the societal expectations and possibilities that contemporary scientists are racing to answer. From popular books about time travel, to exploring other realms of the universe, science fiction has captivated millions of people around the world and continues to be a driving force for new developments in science.

From Science Fiction novels, short stories, films to comic books - these works are known to widen our perspectives on scientific potentials and provide hope for potential breakthroughs in hitherto unknown areas of science. Even the leading scientific journals have published scientifically sound articles related to topics found within the realm of SF (Science Fiction).

By examining various aspects of science fiction such as morality, interdimensional travel or gene mutations, researchers can tap into unrealized ideas and goals found within literature, film and comics which could one day come true in real life applications.

Science fiction has played an important role in propelling the scientific research process forward. By introducing imaginative new scenarios and concepts, science fiction provides a platform for people to explore and develop new ideas. This has led to a rise in the number of scientific explorations, resulting in some revolutionary discoveries that have benefited society as a whole.

Science fiction can also provide valuable insights into how to tackle existing challenges and problems in science. By viewing them through the lens of speculation and fantasy, we can come up with creative solutions that could lead to practical applications in real-world contexts. Additionally, science fiction news articles report on advancements and discoveries fueled by this type of optimistic thinking. This further encourages communities of scientists to engage with innovations and go beyond the conventional methodologies they may have become accustomed to over time.

Science fiction has long played a key role in pushing the boundaries of modern scientific research. Through its rich imaginative stories, science fiction motivates scientists to develop new theories and practical applications. With its exploration of the unknown, characters that engage what-if questions and speculation that spurs us to more profound knowledge, science fiction is capable of influencing even the most serious scientific journals.

Moreover, the popularity of certain science-fiction works helps reflect public interest in real-world scientific developments. We can look at iconic science fiction works such as Star Trek or The Matrix as example; both have had a huge cultural impact inspiring waves of technical advancement throughout our world. By imbuing these inventions with majesty and reverence, people have become increasingly curious about new technologies and actively participate in pushing for further innovations that make these dreams come true.

A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Best Books for Adults of All Ages

Blog Outline:

Introduction: What is the Appeal of Reading Books and Why It's Important (Keywords: reading benefits, importance of books, why we read books)

How to Find the Right Book for Yourself with Online Recommendation Services (Keywords: book finding services, online book recommendations, how to find a book online)

Delve Into the Unforgettable Classics You Should Read in Your Lifetime (Keywords: timeless novels for adults, classic books for adults, must read adult fiction)

Discover Diverse Genres and Subgenres that Provide Something Different Every Time (Keywords: best genres of books for adults, types of adult fiction books, explore new genres through reading)

Find the Perfect Platforms to Access New Books and Explore Them on Your Devices (Keywords: ebook readers compared, best ways to access ebooks and audiobooks from public

The Ultimate Guide to Books and How They Can Unlock Your Potential

Introduction: Why Reading Books Is An Essential Life Skill

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The Untapped Value of Fiction and Nonfiction - What Benefits We All Reap from Reading?

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How to Choose the Right Book for You – Tips on Finding Relevant Titles for Your Personal Development & Interests

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Where To Buy Books - Know Your Options for Affordable Prices & Free Support (Keywords: best place to buy books online cheap, where to shop for textbooks online cheap and free shipping)

Popular Books That Changed The Way We Think About The World Around Us (Keywords: popular book reviews and other recommendations.)

Sunday, January 1, 2023

HAPPY NEW YEAR - Start off the New Year with the New Book - Available on Jan 1st 2023

The Jupiter Sun

It may seem like Science Fiction, but there is a planet not so very far away that is up against the greatest threat that exists in the universe - self-annihilation.  They have come to the point in their technology that within the next 50 to 100 years they are either going to murder all life on their planet, including their own mass suicide OR they are going to turn their technological prowess into the greatest achievement by any life form anywhere in the universe.  It's going to be one or the other.  But this is happening not on another planet way out there in Space somewhere.  It's not science fiction any more.  This is our fate staring us right in the eyes.

They have in front of them or that is to say WE have in front of us the method of saving all life on this planet by 

The idea sprang out of my Science Fiction writings recently in a book entitled 'The Book to End All Books'.  In it, my characters and main plot develops into a very simple way to ignite the planet Jupiter into an actual sun.  

Jupiter is known by astronomers to be a 'Gas Giant'.  This isn't a large man with indigestion.  It's a classification for planets that start to develop into a sun, but never quite accomplish the feat of a spontaneous fusion combustion that is required to be a sun.  These planets are filled with hydrogen just as the sun is, but that hydrogen never becomes hot enough or compressed enough to start the chain reaction under its own power.  

The good news is that the Lawrence Livermore lab, a part of the Dept of Energy, within the United States Government recently cracked the code for a human made fusion reaction and actually created fusion in the lab.  They used high-powered lasers and more than 100 of them to aim them at a single spot in a magnetic bottle filled with Hydrogen atoms.  When they got it right, the fusion reaction started and produced more energy comingout than they had to put into it to get it started.

This was as huge first-of-its-kind and it made me realize from my earlier science fiction musings that the time had come where we could actually pull off what people will someday know as the 'The Greatest Achievement in Human history' - the ignition of a planet into a star.

This book not only explains the way that this can be done by SpaceX from Elon Musk, Blue Origin from Jeff Bezos and NASA from all of us, but it also shows in great detail how this could be our cheapest, fastest and best way out of our present conundrum of requiring so much energy produced by fossil fuels which is the basis of our whole economy and turning all of that infra-structure away from the climate emergency that it causes and towards the entire planet running on Solar Power - which will double as soon as we can turn Jupiter into our 2nd sun.

There are risks of course.  It could be the biggest flop in history, or the 2nd sun could produce so much more heat in our sky that we make things worse.  It is my best educated guess that the gradual over-warming of our planet due to a 2nd sun will actually be less than it is now due to the fact that we will no longer be forced to use fossil fuels any more, which will soon produce zero CO2 poured into the atmosphere and therefore, the greenhouse effect will decline, actually cooling our Earth and perhaps even in time to save us and all future generations.

Of course, educated guesses are not good enough to base trillions of dollars of investment that will be used to do this thing, and that's why this book is also a call to action to start the research and development of this concept so that we can have the confidence to go ahead with it or replace it with something better.   I challenge anyone to come up with something better.

I'm extremely pleased that Elon Musk said recently that he's going to resign as chief of Twitter because we're going to need all of his attention as well as others of his ilk on this herculean task as soon as possible.

Thursday, December 1, 2022

The Book To End All Books - by Michael Mathiesen - "Pioneering Science is almost always scoffed at and ridiculed until one day everyone realizes it's TRUTH!" Best Christmas Gifts

The Science of creating a 2nd Sun in our skies - It's not just science fiction any more!

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 What if the United States under Franklin D. Roosevelt had used laughing gas to subdue the enemy soldiers in battles of WWII?  The next few years and up to our present time of crisis after crisis would have been completely different.  AND - the next few centuries would be much different as well.  Eventually, we become smart enough and great enough to ignite the planet Jupiter into our 2nd Sun - creating the Greatest Achievement in Human history!

The Book To End All Books is the last book you'll ever have to read because you can not be more inspired or more thoroughly entertained than the moment you learn how the tiny insignificant creatures swarming about planet Earth actually make a star light up in the heavens.  

This is the story that could save Mankind!  Get your copy today


If  you have read any great Science Fiction that had a very promising insight into the FUTURE and/or you loved Star Wars because it portrayed a greater good when people can unite behind a cause - then this is the book for you.



- Come JOIN me on BookStodon for a lively discussions about #Scifi and #sciencefiction and #movies - and the latest Science that can change our lives -

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Friday, September 2, 2022

New Daily Environmental Journal - 100 Days to Save The Earth - get on your daily journey to saving the planet - TODAY!

 It's time to begin the effort to turn the Earth away from mass extinction in your life.

I've been struggling for years now about how to recruit the energies of nearly every man, woman and child on the Earth into a huge cooperative effort where we actually have a chance to save the Earth.  Things are bad enough now, look at the state of Mississippi now without drinking water.  Pakistan now almost totally under water.  Next, we will see huge swaths of humanity that are not able to find food.  Next we will find more and more of us suffocating from lack of oxygen because all of the trees have been burned or chopped down for lumber and the oceans poisoned so that all the plankton is gone.

When will you JOIN THE millions who are trying to have an impact.  We must number in the BILLIONS and it has to be soon.  

The way that came to me in a huge epiphany the other day is to help people think about something they can do EVERY DAY by making notes in their own Earth Journal.

SO - here it is.  You can get your Earth Journal started today.  YOU MUST START TODAY - don't wait until tomorrow because soon we will run out of Tomorrows.



Tuesday, August 30, 2022

My Daily Environmental Journal - 100 Days to Save the Earth - get started journaling your days.

My Daily Environmental Journal - 100 Days To Save The Earth 

Drops Today Get Journaling inYour 100 Days!

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Get Your Earth Journal Today!

 My Daily Environmental Journal - 100 Days To Save The Earth 



It's been proven that when you write thoughts, ideas, concepts, even your intentions down, you are far more likely to remember them and may even be able to achieve them.
If we can enlist every American, and everyone else on the planet to write down their daily thoughts about how to best save our beloved planet, there's a good chance we'll all remember them, make them our own and may even be able to achieve them.
The Daily Environmental Journal - 100 days to save the Earth is your open and viable pathway to devote the next 100 days to helping save the planet that gave you life and the beautiful planet who wants to give life to millions more generations of us, newer, better, more concerned versions of ourselves who will inevitably come to thank us for the many sacrifices that we will gladly make in order to hand over a living viable and sustainable planet to them.
I hope you will join us and start your 100 Day journey with me on what I believe is the only way to save our beloved Earth.  If you are one of those people who say - "Not for me, I'll wait for the other guy to do it" - well, that's what they all say because you are the other guy or gal that everyone's waiting for.   It's your turn to step up to the plate and take a few minutes out of your life every day to help preserve the lives of millions of others who want to enjoy their lives in future generations of the human animal.

This journal is full of things you already know you should be participating in if we are going to reverse the current climate crisis and global warming that is burning our homes and forests and destroying the ability to grow our food.  You know you need to be part of the Solution instead of part of the problem.  if you're like most us, however, you don't know how, or not how to maximize and leverage your potential to turn things around every day.
This Daily Journal to save the Earth shows you the way.  Start your own version of it today and make it your 100 day contribution.  I can't guarantee success even if millions of us start down this path, but, I can guarantee that if we don't get millions of us started down this path today, there will be fewer and fewer paths to choose from and each one will be more difficult and problematic than the previous one.

Do your family and friends a solid.  Just start with Day One, see how much better it makes you feel, what a great weight will be lifted off your shoulders and then you can go from there.