Tuesday, June 13, 2017

One Crazy Bastard Saves The World - Available NOW - Prepare for the JUMP into Hyper-Space - Get Started Now in Greatest New Sci-Fi Adventure of your life.

Get - One Crazy Bastard Saves The World - and stop complaining.  Pentagon Notified ~

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Available NOW!

Prepare For The Jump Into HyperSpace

The story of how I used my own Science Background in researching the latest discoveries in Particle Physics to invent the Decay Ray - a Ray Gun that will be used soon to destroy all of the Nuclear Weapons laying around on this planet and threatening to destroy us all.  In this book, the hero turns the tables and destroys all nuclear threats in one day and saves the world.  This is not a drill.  Patent applied for and submitted to the Pentagon in March of 2017.  When they fire their warheads at us and they don't explode - You'll know who to thank. 

Some will call this book Science Fiction.  Others will find a new kind of reality within the pages of One Crazy Bastard Saves The World. Entering the world of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, the Author takes us on a journey through the smallest and least understood part of our universe and uses it like a paint brush to show us the way into a future that can actually save the world.

There's a world that lies hidden underneath the world that we all know and trust.  The world of the sub-atomic particles is little more than a fabric of all possible outcomes that the universe can provide.  We live in one possible event cycle of these potentials.  

When you discover our main thesis - that we are controlled by our electrons - you are free to choose from an entirely new and original set of outcomes for your life.  

The hero of this book, who also happens to be the author, has been forced to watch the world come to the brink of total disaster, however, he has also been forced to give the world the answer to all of its major problems.  You will learn about the Decay Ray Gun that he has presented to the Pentagon in real life and which may soon eliminate all possibility of nuclear war by destroying all of our nuclear warheads in a single day.  The same technology may also be used soon to covert the economy, the larger society as a whole into a very different place where the Five Laws For Humanity replace everything else that we currently know and obey.

This book is waiting to take you on the greatest adventure of your life where you will confront all of the most modern scientific principles and you will learn how to turn them into your own advantage and the realization of all your dreams.  

Hopefully part of your dream energy will be utilized to help the hero of our story actually save the world.  There has never been anything like this written down before.  

Come and play in the world of modern Quantum Physics where reality is really anything that you want it to be.  It's all in the probabilities of your life's events as they are presented by the entangled electrons in your brain.

The Author's previous books based on the latest Scientific Discoveries are converted  into the most innovative and exciting Science Fiction you may ever know.  Or is  it Science Fiction or actual Science at work here?  You may never know the difference once you put your brain to the test.

One thing is for certain, this crazy bastard is out to save the world and you're invited to watch the fun begin.

The events in this book are related to the ongoing research at The Large Hadron Collider, the particle accelerator used to uncover the secrets of the universe.  They are currently finding new particles and new forces that constitute all of the events of our lives every minute and every second.  This is a story of one of these scientists who uncovers the greatest secret of all time and is using this secret right now in our present reality to change the outcome of the destructive path we're on and divert our planet to an outcome that will satisfy all.  This is not a drill.  This is not a joke.  It's the real thing.  Volunteers are requested to join this crazy bastard to help effect the greatest possible outcome not only in your life, but for the continued life and survival of this planet.  There is no more important work of Science and Science Fiction out there today.

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