Sunday, May 31, 2020

New Scientific Discovery leads to major Physics breakthrough for all Mankind - Einstein's Unified Field Theory.

In my new book - The Science of Physics - we prove Einstein was right - there is only ONE FORCE

We're all familiar with how Electricity is Made - Part of the Electromagnetic Force

Whenever we SPIN a copper wire through a magnetic field as in the GENERATOR above, we create Electricity that flows down out of the UNIVERSE and into our devices.

We might also RECALL from High School Physics that everything we know about has been classified into the PERIODIC TABLE OF THE ELEMENTS - shown below

And we might RECALL as well that the only DIFFERENCE between all of the elements is their ATOMIC WEIGHT - a matter of how many PROTONS they carried around in their middle section - THE NUCLEUS.

Most of us also know that it is the forces that HOLD these Protons in the nucleus together is the MOST POWERFUL of all the forces and we know this because of the immense energies that we have unleashed upon the world by simply knowing this.


AND SO from High School on, or even earlier for some of us, we learned about the IMMENSE power of the ATOM in the ATOMIC BOMB.  (God Forbid that we ever have to use them again.  Because last time, we only had a few.  Today, we have nearly 100,000 of these things waiting to go - BOOM!)

What makes all of this possible is the GOD PARTICLE - BELIEVE IT OR NOT

But this line of thinking began for me at 'The God Particle Bible'.  On July 4th, 2012, the Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider confirmed the existence of The God Particle, the first piece of the puzzle that is created at the 1st Trillionth of a Trillionth of the 1st Second of The Big Bang (Creation).  What happened next is the longest series of miracles in history.

But this means that The God Particle Field must be EVERYWHERE at the SAME TIME in order to KEEP all of the particles in the universe ALIVE.

Then developed into The 4 States of Consciousness.  

SO, the Science is that if you raise any number to the power of ZERO - it equals ONE.  In other words all numbers can be reduced to ONE.  As the mystics have been trying to tell us for centuries - We are ALL ONE BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED to itself by the POWER OF ZERO - or nothingness, the place where everything RESONATES FROM under the POWER OF GOD'S WILL - or Cosmic Consciousness.  

We always KNEW THIS, but it was difficult to PROVE


When you think about it - this also means that the Corollary must also be TRUE or that ZERO raised to the power of Infinity equals ANY NUMBER

Or it can be expressed thusly:

If Albert Einstein only had this new number of Zero to the Power of Infinity - he would have done it decades ago and what a wonderful world it would be.

What happens from ALL OF US GAINING THIS KNOWLEDGE?  Is up to YOU.  Consciousness that we can ALL SHARE is the subject of many of my books, the latest being 'The Science Of Physics'.




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