Monday, June 29, 2020

We're about to STEP OFF into a completely new path of evolution - Be one of the brave.

Gene Editing - Gene Splicing and being the kind of human beings we were meant to be.

USING CRISPR - we can now edit OUT the things we don't like about us and edit IN the things we have always dreamed about.



From the Author of The God Particle Bible, Maxtricity - The Science of Entangled Electrons, The Origin of Creation, The Science of Physics, Metamorphosis - AI Cocoon, The 4 States of Consciousness, Can Electrons Learn, America 2.0, Elections 2020, The Course In Miracles, Anti-Matter, Brain Drain, One Crazy Bastard Saves The World, The Green New Deal - The Rise of Democratic Socialism et al.

Monday, June 8, 2020

Science of Physics - Goes Viral - Read it TODAY!

The Science of Physics - easy to understand explanation of EVERYTHING

Nobel Prize Material?

After reading this book - Would you be able to nominate the author for a Nobel Prize?  
Let me know

The Nobel Prize is normally awarded to scientists who have discovered something new.  I believe my interpretation of String Theory is NEW and completely well-thought out and explained with a major new contribution to the Sciences and Mathematical equations.  Though, the author is not a scientist based in an accredited educational institution, you'll have to give him credit for a completely intriguing and original theory of EVERYTHING.

A Universal Constant? - Zero to the power of Infinity equals ANY NUMBER~
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