Wednesday, November 18, 2020

New Version of America - 2.0 -- Take Stock In America - Everyone is a shareholder.

NEWSFLASH:  We can SOON all be STOCK OWNERS in the New Version of America 2.0, Inc.

I KNOW - SOUNDS CRAZY on first look - but why is our current form of government UNINCORPORATED?  

What form of government is it?  Could it be improved?

What did we learn in the last election?

Is it so that we don't have to pay the SHAREHOLDERS or allow them to participate in the economic BOOMS?  We already share in the BUSTS - why not the BOOMS?

Learn how we can make the United States of America a FOR PROFIT CORPORATION - how we would all become SHAREHOLDERS and earn more shares for our life-long achievements.  Socialism can be replaced by a more socially responsive form of CAPITALISM.  Why?  Because history has shown that Capitalism works.  It's only the UNREGULATED and UN-LIMITED GREED of Capitalism ascribed to by a FEW that give it a bad name.  Over-all, the aim of Capitalism is to make everyone wealthy - anyone who is clever enough to invest in the right stocks at the right time - of course.  

WHAT BETTER STOCK - WHAT BETTER TIMING than to own stock in the United States of America?  We're obviously in need of a new way of DOING THINGS.

What if we gave everyone VOTING SHARES?  What if we could VOTE MORE SHARES in relationship to how many we've earned?  What if we EARNED MORE SHARES by our good works, our SOCIALLY BENEFICIAL Achievements, like graduating High School, College, Starting a business that employs people?  What if we earned more shares every time we reached a certain age?  What if we earned more shares for writing A BOOK THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING - like this one?  What if we voted MORE SHARES in relationship to how many good things we've done for society?  

ASK yourself this question - "Why should Bill Gates get the same number of votes than you or me - when he has contributed so much more to society than the average citizen?"  

Follow-Up Question:  "Why should people who came to this country a few years ago, and knows very little about American History and Culture, have the same power at the ballot box as someone who has lived here for 50 years?"

SO, - many new tweaks of our Democracy that will make you go 'Hmmm'.  I guarantee my new book will force you to use your brain as never before.

Certainly, we can't rule out this idea just because it's never been tried - right?

SO - let's at least debate it on the national stage of public opinion.  

New Edition - America 2.0 - Inc. Take Stock In America



I have every expectation of winning the NOBEL PRIZE in Economics for this book.  Is it a Revolutionary New Idea?  You be the judge.



I don't want to alarm you - but unless we do something drastic to save the planet Earth - we could become EXTINCT by the end of this century!

Don't let it happen - READ the STORY of OUR POTENTIAL SUCCESS!

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