Monday, November 8, 2021

My New Book - Zentanglements - The Three Laws of Consciousness available NOW

 - Zentanglements - The Three Laws of Consciousness available NOW



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After reading this book I guarantee you will know more about the universe than Albert Einstein did when he died in 1957 

NOW you can VIEW my latest Zentangled Artwork at my Web Site 

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My Zentangled drawing of your average Galaxy

zentanglements, the zen of quantum physics, for smarties

What's the meaning of this?

my house zentangled, satellite, mike's house, my house

My house from a Satellite point of view - Zentangled

god particle, zentangled, zentanglements

My impression of the God Particle

My Illustration of the Milky Way Galaxy

Can you guess what this is a Zentanglement of?

Zentangled Yin-Yang, Zen, Zentanglements

Zentangled Nobel Prize Winning Mathematical Formula

zentangled math formula, zen, zen physics, zen astrophysics, zen quantum physics

Zero to the power of Infinity = Any Number in the Universe

The Force In Star Wars?  

Cover of a Previous Work of mine - Extinction Live 

The Milky Way Galaxy in Collision with the Sagitarius Cloud

I designed this for my driveway and then it became this Zentangled work of art 

My collage of a Picasso Masterpiece

4 strokes of the pen - Count 'Em

What does it all mean?

- You need the book -

' Zentanglements - The Three Laws Of Consciousness For Smarties'  (Tm) 


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