Saturday, March 5, 2022

JOIN the TERRAIST Movement - The New Economic System for the Metaverse - Coming on EARTH DAY - JOIN UP to help SAVE THE PLANET ~!

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OUR AUDIBLE BOOK can be FREE when you OPEN a NEW ACCOUNT, which is also RISK-FREE for 30 DAYS.  If you cancel, you get to keep all the books you download in the Trial Period. 

It's time to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT for our planet.  Join the Terraist Revolution where everyone makes a difference.  If you don't - we don't deserve to live here.  The battle lines are being drawn.  You're either on the side of preserving all life on the Earth or you are against it.  Your apathy and indifference can put all of our lives and the future lives of all of our posterity in jeopardy.  This is not a time to focus on video games, pictures of your cats on Facebook, or Meta, whatever they're calling it now. 

It's not the time to be in the stock market or planning your strategy to improve your job status or boost your career.  It's time to ask yourself - 'What would it all mean if my children or their children are all suffocating from my exhaust gases as I build my empire?   It's that important that we all become militant in a peaceful yet demanding way.  We have to expose the futility of all human activity until and unless we shape it towards reducing the damage we do to our beautiful blue planet. 

Every day, we're getting closer and closer to the cliff.  The governments of the world pay wonderful lip service to the cause, but their actions are the opposite of what they'll tell you.  As the government leadership tells you they are doing things to prevent the apocalyptic end to our civilization, they still take money from the fossil Fuel Industry and continue policies that makes them even more powerful and destructive every day.  Where are the fighters?  They're everywhere.  The fighting spirit that is in everyone has not been released everywhere just yet.  Perhaps this book will spur it into existence.    

When spreading the word and holding up our banner high in the air, when you send out your messaging, your posts, your tweets, your retweets etc., all I ask is that you get the SPELLING right.  We're the opposite of the old model of Terrorism and the new model creating an economic system that rewards those who do the right thing in coming to the aid of our planet and all the life that lives upon it - while punishing all those who choose to remain in the old Capitalist or Socialist systems.  The only way to finally and unequivocally cease our rush to extinction is to embrace a new economic model that is fair to everyone, encourages conservation and sustainable ways of life and gradually forces our society away from every single business venture that does more harm than good for the planet. 

You've seen all the data.  You've heard all the talk you need to hear.  Now, it's time to act.  The very last thing you want to do is leave all these problems for someone else.  
As a concerned Scientist I have been trying to understand how things have gotten to this stage in our evolution where the pathway forward that would benefit most people is quite clear and yet half of the world sees things the opposite way that I see them and want to follow a path that would send us back into the Stone Age.  They either prefer the Stone Age or they are intentionally working for the mass extinction of all life on the Earth.  I don't know which.  But either fate for Mankind is not acceptable, at least not to me, and I hope not to you.

My latest theory is that the brain malfunctioning going on all around the world today is either caused by Covid-19 virus, by another virus we have not identified yet, some other form of plague or from the reversal of the magnetic poles around the Earth that NASA warns is now beginning.

Knowing the cause of our present quandary is not as important, however, to working out how we can defeat the opposition.  In designing the new economic system for the Metaverse that I have dubbed - Terraism - I have the great audacity to believe that the systems and methods I have crafted together can and must start working today and long into the future.  

I am imploring everyone within the sound of my voice to learn more from this book and then perhaps even join us.