Thursday, December 1, 2022

The Book To End All Books - by Michael Mathiesen - "Pioneering Science is almost always scoffed at and ridiculed until one day everyone realizes it's TRUTH!" Best Christmas Gifts

The Science of creating a 2nd Sun in our skies - It's not just science fiction any more!

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 What if the United States under Franklin D. Roosevelt had used laughing gas to subdue the enemy soldiers in battles of WWII?  The next few years and up to our present time of crisis after crisis would have been completely different.  AND - the next few centuries would be much different as well.  Eventually, we become smart enough and great enough to ignite the planet Jupiter into our 2nd Sun - creating the Greatest Achievement in Human history!

The Book To End All Books is the last book you'll ever have to read because you can not be more inspired or more thoroughly entertained than the moment you learn how the tiny insignificant creatures swarming about planet Earth actually make a star light up in the heavens.  

This is the story that could save Mankind!  Get your copy today


If  you have read any great Science Fiction that had a very promising insight into the FUTURE and/or you loved Star Wars because it portrayed a greater good when people can unite behind a cause - then this is the book for you.



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