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In a recent CNN - Suffolk University Poll of the most likely voters in the next election, more than half of the Democrats polled chose ‘Someone Completely New’ over all of the other democratic candidates for President. When you leave the entity, ‘Someone Completely New’ out of the polling, then of course, you get the majority of democrats choosing someone like Joe Biden, Beto O’Rourke, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, etc. But, when you include someone other than just the usual suspects, in other words, the democratic party favorites, the voters will choose again and again - ‘Someone Completely New’ by a vast majority, strictly in order to demonstrate just how desperate we all are for something new, something revolutionary, to happen in American politics today.
And so, I give you ‘Someone Completely New’. Her name is Alterra and she is a robot and I would like to see her or one of her kind occupy the office of President of the United States as soon as possible.
Some will argue that we got what we wished for in Donald Trump. However, many more of us will argue that we got way more than what we bargained for. So, in this book, we are going to propose, not only ‘Someone Completely New’ for the next election to the world’s highest office, but also ‘Something Completely Different’ in the way that we conduct our government. This author believes strongly, and will attempt to prove, that it may be time to do away with elections entirely and rely on something we all know and trust every day - technology, the most modern technology that will keep us all on an even keel and on the straight and narrow.
When we do hold elections, as we do every so often, it’s always about choosing the “lesser of two evils”. Then, we usually pay the price of having to take the lesser of two evil pathways through history as a result. This is all we are given to choose from in all of our federal elections for the most powerful office in the world, the major determining factor of all of our individual fates. And, this is why over half of the voters, the majority of Americans stay away from the polls as they would try to avoid the plague. They know that this lack of real choice of people on their ballot every four years means that they really can’t make a difference, because there is no difference between the two parties that rule over this country.
And, the voters didn’t really make a difference, until the elections in 2016 when the people who stayed away from our elections allowed Russian hackers to come in and win America’s elections for a foreign leader, Vladimir Putin. What’s next? I may be answering that question for you in my next book - ‘Das Va Danya, Donald’.

I am writing this book at a time when the American government is shut down and is not operating to its fullest capacity.  It’s called a “Partial” shut-down because the government did not shut it down in a way that the government officials, Senators, Congressmen and women and staff would stop getting their paychecks.  They shut it down “partially” which means that only the lower level government workers will not be paid. Nearly one million Federal Government workers are now being forced to work at their jobs without getting paid.  Is this slavery? Probably not, but only because everyone knows that they will eventually receive their pay for this period. It’s just a totally needless delay in their paychecks.
This current Shut-Down could last a good deal longer, but if our elected government officials were not getting their paychecks, we know that the shut-down would not last more than a few days or possibly not at all.  It is only the lower-level hired workers who are not getting paid and so the Shut-Down can go on, and they now have set the precedent that they can do this to us whenever they want. This is the third time in a year that they have shut-down the American government, and I’m beginning to wonder what they have planned for us next.
Could it be a permanent shut-down where we all wake up in the morning of a warm August and they tell us on the news that someone or some group has taken over the government because we are now bankrupt or up against a major challenge by a President or a “Caucus”, basically a gang formed within the throng of our elected officials, in order to promote some regional demand.
The collapse of the American system of Government?  I used to laugh at such flights of fantasies when proposed by others.  But, after the last two years of watching the present administration make one blunder after another and then come on National TV every time and have someone say, “It was just an innocent mistake.  Everyone makes mistakes from time to time.” Well, yes, but we don’t usually tolerate people making mistake after mistake and all of them self-serving ones.
And, of course, these are not innocent mistakes.  They are doing everything very carefully and in careful and constant consultation with foreign dictators and wealthy sheiks and corporations.  And now we have to ask ourselves if the American form of democracy has taken us just about as far as it can.
Our Republican form of Democracy, as every schoolchild knows was given to us by the founding fathers after the American Revolution and we broke away from Great Britain.  The founding fathers were all slave owners at the time and so they could not deliver a real democracy where everyone would vote directly on the issues because most people were slaves at the time and if you gave them the power to correct this horrendous sin against humanity, they would have done it on the first Federal ballot and voted themselves their freedom and equality under the law.  
No thinking person can deny that this is the main reason that George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and the other big slave-owners did not deliver a real democracy to their constituents at a time when they could have done just that.  Indeed, when one reads the Federalist Papers, there is not a word about slavery - not a single word. The founding fathers give us, in these basic documents of the founding of the United States of America, all of their thinking behind why they chose a Republic or representative form of democracy over a real democracy, except for the real reason.  They all owned slaves and this was the greatest measure of wealth in the American colonies. If they had allowed their slaves to vote on the continued existence of slavery in this country, they would have become ordinary citizens, no longer the elite and they would have to pay real wages for people to come and help them on their farms.  
They were really, just cheap, cruel and selfish men.  The history books, of course, make them out to look like heroes.  Well, at least they didn’t make George Washington the King, as some of them desired.  For that, I suppose we can be grateful. But heroes? I would never characterize slave-owners who resisted granting them their freedom as heroes of any kind.  If they had done, we would be having a much different conversation today because that real freedom would have persisted down to our present era where we are all still slaves to the selfish, cruel, small and cheap, men who make up our population of elected officials.
Hey, this was not the worst thing they could have done to us. So, we can still celebrate the 4th of July and all of that patriotic stuff. My point here is that - even though we didn’t get the worst of all possible scenarios - we could have done much better and most likely would have if the founding fathers were not all slave-owners protecting their own little patch of dirt.
But, the purpose of this book is not to vilify the founding fathers, but to objectively demonstrate to the American people how and why we find ourselves at this particular junction in history and what we can and must now do about it.
This book will prove that we are now at a cross-roads in history and the American people had better make the right decision as to which way we want to go.
One pathway leads to a total Dictatorship and it could be a very benign one. Dictatorships can be helpful in some small ways to restore order in places where there has never been any. That’s not the USA, however. We’ve had a system of law and order in place for centuries, so we don’t require the services of a Dictator at this time.
The other pathway leads to something completely new and there is a suggestion from the title of this book that Someone Completely New could lead us there. Her name is Alterra. She is a fictional Robot of my own imagineering who would be programmed to give people the strongest form of safety and security that has ever been known before.

I want to show you the results of the recent poll held by USA Today and Suffolk University, “Someone Completely New” won by a wide majority - 60% of respondents said that they would prefer “Someone Completely New.”
Here’s the actual polling results:

Also note that Hillary Clinton came in dead last. This is why we haven’t heard much from her this time. She wrote an entire book about “What Went Wrong” in her campaign against her opponent Donald Trump - but she did not admit to the most obvious reason she lost - she was a terrible candidate. She never countered Trump’s insults and nick-names and so she looked “Weak” just as he noted.
She also lost the 2016 election because she and her Republican opponent were offered by Facebook to have their people come in and work in their offices. The Trump Campaign took them up on their offer and got tons of free advertising out of Facebook and Clinton got none. Not a very clever decision. But the point is that the vast majority of Democrats don’t want her to try again.
The one candidate that they do want is - as you can see and by a huge margin is - “Someone Completely New”. In other words, they don’t want the list of all the usual suspects. This book is in response to this demand for someone new to run this country. But not just someone not seen before, but someone with completely new ideas. There is no doubt in my mind that a Robot, an AI (Artificial Intelligence) would fill that description better than any other person or entity on the planet because any robot as a candidate for President would actually be someone completely new, meaning actually created for the role within the last days and never been done before, he or she would be “Completely New” - and that would be the biggest differentiation.
Now, if you took “Someone Completely New” out of this poll, then Joe Biden would be the next one at the top of the list and this is what happens when you don’t have this phrase - “Someone Completely New” in the Polling question. Most polls are just like that. They leave out the most desirable choice and leave in only the usual suspects to choose from. From a list like that - the usual suspects - we will continually be offered only people that are either too old - not very intelligent, as Hillary was not, or not qualified for many other reasons.
Next, you’re going to say - “How does a Robot qualify to be President of the United States or the leader of the Free World? That is the best question you or anyone can ask and I am happy to answer it - but there are lots of reasons why a Robot would be the most highly qualified individual person to become the Leader of the Free World and this is what makes up the majority of the pages of this book - so keep an open mind, please.
Here we go:

A side-by-side comparison:

Humans are emotional and make rash decisions.
Robots have no emotions and can never make a rash decision.
Humans have been known to take bribes.
Robots have no interest in money or things and therefore bribery simply ‘Does not compute’
Human leaders can take years or even decades to make a decision.
Robots can make trillions of computations per second.
Humans are known to break the law - basic social programming - quite often.
Robots can not break their rules of behavior - their basic program instructions.
Humans can become mentally unstable or unsafe as leaders.
Robots can not suffer any mental disorders that we know as humans.
Humans can be swayed by ‘Evil’ forces all around us.
Robots can only follow their human instructions. There is no ‘Good’ or ‘Evil’, beyond their instruction sets.

I could go on and on in making this comparison and the Artificially Intelligent form of existence will compare favorably for hundreds of major issues that we consider as the most important in structuring our model of government.
But, there are many of you out there who are thinking about the movies and how erratic a Robot can behave such as in ‘The Terminator’ where a Robot, played by body-builder Arnold Schwarzenegger, first attacks a young boy, trying to kill him and his mother, but in the second movie, tries to save his life. These are simply not real-world scenarios in the movies and so if you have a fear of robots, I ask that you look deep into your Science Fiction movie or book history and trace it back to a story-line that someone like me has concocted strictly for the purpose of entertainment because I am also a Science Fiction author.
But, this book is prepared, not for your entertainment, but for your enlightenment.
In the very near future, we will expand our use of Artificial Intelligence for use in our daily lives and some of them you are already using. Alexa is a form of AI as is Cortana and Siri. There are many other APPS that you use now that are based on first generation AI programming.
You may even have been replaced in your job by a robotic computer or other device and if you have, it’s probably got some Artificial Intelligence built in. This means that in your job, there is already enough confidence in AI to use it to replace you and your contribution to the economy. Like it or not, more of this is coming, as we can all see. If your job is physically or mentally repetitive and boring, hopefully, you will be happy to be doing something completely new.
Of course, that means that there will be disruption in all our lives as the robot way of life takes over. No one can predict how soft or how hard it will be to make this transition. So far, it’s going very smoothly and we are hardly noticing how much more things are automated every day or how much more responsive the system is to our needs. With Alexa and devices like the IOT, the Internet of Things, Amazon is slowly becoming more and more like our valet, our butler, our chef, our career advisor, etc. And who would want to stop this trend towards and easier and easier way of life? What we give up in return is possibly a little freedom and privacy, to be sure, but so far most of us don’t seem to mind and consider this a fair trade.
Personally, I think it’s very dangerous to give up this amount of freedom and privacy in return for some more creature comforts. How much of those does one need? I always feel better after a hard days work and the satisfaction of knowing that I have accomplished something with some of the time of my life. I think most of us would agree with that philosophy. I feel slow-minded, fat, unhealthy, lazy, unfulfilled when I have a complete day of creature comforts, unless I’m on vacation, or I’m celebrating a holiday, a birthday, ugh, another one? And so forth.
But AI (Artificial Intelligence) is growing in power and strength every day as it is being sculpted by the big Technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft, the ‘FANG’, as they are called by Wall Street. As long as these companies are large and in charge, this trend will continue unabated until they finally unwrap a living, breathing creature that looks like us, talks like us, mimics us in all the important ways, but who thinks with a brain that is the equivalent of all of our brains multiplied by the square of that number.
 So, it’s important that we all understand a little more fully what the Command and Control systems of the new AI and what I call the IOPS (The Internet Of Planetary Sustainability) will look like and how we can and must help shape it.

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