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The Flux Antenna 

Mind Control In A Box

Augments YOUR Reality

At the end of my last book - The Greatest Force, I said that if only there was a way to PROVE my theory about Consciousness Waves.  So, I came up with the way to prove my crazy theories, almost all of them - With THE FLUX ANTENNA

Beta Testers Wanted

The Flux is the area of Space Time that lies in between all other things.  It's in between your shoulder blades.  It's in between your ears.  It's in between the electrons and the protons of every single atom that abounds in the universe.  It's in between the Sun and the Earth and in between the galaxies spinning far far away.

And, it's expanding all the time, faster and faster and in all directions.

This invention is based on the Physics of an Electrical Generator - the Wind Generator shown here.  The same laws of Physics may literally BLOW YOUR MIND using the Flux Antenna.  

Electricity is created out of the Flux

In a Generator a Copper Coil is spun by a Turbine very rapidly through a Magnetic Field.  There is nothing more to Electricity.  Somehow by spinning copper wire through a magnetic field, electrons are induced to come out of the flux, and travel along the wires for many miles to your home where they then power the appliances we all know and love to use.

From the Magnetic Field Flux, or in other words, the space in between the lines of magnetic force - Electricity induced to come out of hiding and is sent down the copper wires for many miles throughout your city or town and delivered into your home or business.  What is electricity then?  Simply stated, it is the energy produced by spinning a copper wire through a magnetic field.

After use of the electrons, they are neither created or destroyed or used up in any way, they simply return to the Flux.  Upon careful examination of the univese, all energy flows in like manner, from the Flux, Dark Energy or some place else unknown to us to perform work for us and then returns to the Flux at a later date in a continuous cycle. 

Since the Earth has the largest and most powerful magnetic field known to man, it stands to reason that another form of energy may be induced by spinning one's Flux Antenna - coiled copper wire through the magnetic field of the Earth. 

The only difference between the generation of electrical power and the power of the Flux Antenna is the speed of the spinning coils placed on one's head, the activity of the Brain Waves of the wearer, not present in an electric generator, and the potential wave length, amplitude and frequency of Consciousness waves, if they exist, as yet unknown.

This invention is intended to explore the possibility that Consciousness Waves do exist and can be detected by this device in concert with the human mind.

This book is designed to serve as your plans to create your own pure Copper Flux Antenna.

Instead of producing electricity, however, our antenna is designed to produce a heightened state of awareness or Consciousness.  The Mind Control that we mention in the title of this book refers to the notion that you may find that you are better able to control your own mind and therefore your own destiny by use of this device.

We make no regarding a users health or other asset claims.  Read the Full Disclaimer below.  Beta Testers are wanted.

What is the Flux?

In recent years, Astronomers have discovered that there is a mysterious kind of energy that is causing the rapid expansion of the universe in all directions.  Scientists all over the world have no idea what this energy is and so they have called it simply 'Dark Energy'.  The energy that is causing the expansion of the universe in all directions and at incredible speeds is found in uniform proportions everywhere in the universe.  This means that the 'Dark Energy' a force we know nothing about is inside your head, inside all of the atoms in your body and in the Earth, the Sun, all the stars, all the galaxies, all of empty space for the entire observable universe.
This is what I call the Flux.

What is the Flux Antenna?

If you've ever thought about the events in your life - they are mostly propagated out of the FLUXUATIONS of the universe.  It's the only way to explain the crazy things that happen to us that we cannot explain.  Our device puts you in tune with these Fluxuations in a way that you will learn to control and optimize for your highest and best purpose and mission.

It has occured to me that since there is Flux everywhere in the universe that it probably travels in waves, since every other force we know about travels in waves throughout the universe, and since it travels in waves, we may be able to detect it one day and even put a better description upon it.  For the time being, I classify the evidence for the Flux as Consciousness Waves.  Other scientists may someday discover these waves and name them something else, but for me, I would like to think of them as Consciousness waves because for the universe to be expanding due to this energy at all times and in all of Space/Time as far as we can observe it, in the uniform rate of expansion as it is doing, there must be a set of instructions or a Consciousness attached to it somewhere giving this energy the information it needs to perform this magic trick of ever accelerating expansion in all directions.  In other words, it must know something about its location, trajectory and speed or the expansion would be helter-skelter.

Since all of our brains are alive inside of this universe, it's safe to assume that the area inside our skulls is expanding at the same rate as the universe is expanding.  We don't notice it because everything in the universe is expanding at the exact same rate and uniformly in all directions.  This means even the space that occupies all of our measuring devices and therefore, we are unable to see how the space inside our heads is expanding, but we notice the edges of the universe expanding away from us and this can only mean that all of Space/Time is expanding out in all directions.
The Flux Antenna is designed to pick up any evidence of this force of expanding Consciousness inside our heads.  It's the inventor's theory that if the universe is expanding rapidly everywhere from this point in space that we call our own perspective, then, there must be some kind of wave energy that is being produced, since everything else we observe is wave energy.

It is my hope that Beta Testers of this first iteration of my Flux Antenna will be able to pick up the signal of these waves of Flux and report a sensation of higher consciousness or awareness of the universe not known before to the vast majority of humans alive today.

Don't allow the unthinking, uncaring and greedy destroy the world when there is a weapon that can win against them.

FIRST, you must purchase a small roll of Copper Wire at your local hardware store.  The cost should be no more than 4 or 5 dollars for enough wire for several Flux Antenna's Total length required is less than 3 Feet.

Step One - Coil the Copper Wire Around the Skull and Forehead in Three Continuous Loops.  A Five-Loop version can also be attempted and even a Seven Loop Version.

Step Two - Twist the Two Ends to Twist-Tie them into holding all of the Three, Five or Seven Loops of Wire into a single continual spiral around the head and forehead fitting snugly but not too tight.

Step Three - Wear the Flux Antenna while in a calm and relaxed mood in a quiet meditative place.  Turn off the mind, try to eliminate all thoughts and concentrate on the Flux.  When you feel wave energy of any kind, you're on the right path.

Relax and Float Down Stream

The Flux Antenna is designed to pick up Flux waves or Consciousness waves.  What you do with them is entirely up to you and everyone's experience will vary.  For fun, form a group who agree to use the Flux Antenna at roughly the same time and then compare results.

You can make it yourself according to our instructional manual that comes with the product- OR you can order the completed product and begin your adventure into the secrets of the universe immediately.

The Flux Antenna is fashionable and 
useful too.

Makes the Perfect Christmas Gift for that SPECIAL SOMEONE

Be Among the First to surf the Consciousness Waves in the universe.

New Science Shows How 

The NEXT PART may seem a little crazy . . . but all you have to do is remember that Electricity is generated in exactly the same way.  The magnetic field of the Earth is diffuse at any individual spot on the planet, however, it's enough to make a Compass needle move even at this level.  Therefore, it's not so crazy when you compare how much electricity is generated by a wind powered generator or a nuclear powered one using the same laws of physics as the Flux Antenna moving through the Earth's magnetic field.  The Science is irrefutable.  

For maximum results, face either North or South and roll your head around through the Earth's magnetic field to generate your own Consciousness waves.  Watch for different events than you may have gotten without the effect of creating your own Consciousness waves.


Why do you want to be a Beta Tester of the Flux Antenna?

Einstein's Formula which was used to construct the Atomic Bombs that can and may someday destroy the planet an be used to put us on a different path.

Energy is equal to the mass x the speed of light squared.
Must now be used to mean - 'Enlightenment  is equal to Mind Control Squared

The Flux Antenna is used for Mind Control and the amount of Mind Control you can perform when squared will equal the amount of new Enlightenment that impacts your little inter-section of Space/Time.

The Evolution of Life on planet Earth has formed a level of intelligence of the human being, the top of the food chain, to be such that we now have the ability to destroy all life on this planet and at the same time have the ability to create a perfectly balanced economic, social and ecological entity on this planet that could support life indefinitely allowing our evolution to continue.
In other words, humanity is at a cross-roads.  Two paths are in front of us, one is total destruction, a retracing back to Zero, the second path leads towards a wisdom and culture that treats all life on this planet as sacrosanct.  It is uncertain which one we may choose to follow.
If the inventor can induce millions, if not billions of humans to utilize this invention, it may be that each individual Beta Tester is able to influence the choice of path for humanity in the right direction before it is too late.
Or other benefits, un-intended by the inventor may accrue to the user.
In Two Easy STEPS you create the Antenna and place it on your head as seen above.

1.  You can purchase the copper wire at your local hardware store or hobbie store.

2.  You wind the wire around your head and tie it in a twist to preserve it as shown.

Or, you can purchase a complete Flux Antenna from this website. 

Then, you merely sit in a quiet place and meditate on the thoughts that will pop into your head as you wear the device.  We also hope that you will give the device a thorough and objective test run and report your results to the inventor as part of this Beta Testing period.  When we have accumulated the results of hundreds of users and again at thousands of users, we may have a new and improved version of the device put out there and Beta Testers who give us their results will be offered first buying opportunities as well as a steep discount for your help in this endeavor.

It is the inventor's experience that when using the device he is able to think more clearly and that he can objectify his environment so that he can accomplish much more than he would have without the device. 

I can visually observe the Flux Field in almost all aspects of its manifestations, in the Space/Time separating galaxies and in the Space/Time separating the electrons from the nucleus of atoms.  My goal is to eventually be able to visualize nearly every electron of my atomic structure while at the same time visualizing all of the Flux of the Space/Time in the entire universe and then even feeling the wave activity of this ocean of Consciousness we call the universe.  I believe I was able to feel an actual Consciousness wave and am hopeful of many more encounters of this kind.  Sometimes, I just feel a 'High' like no other drug-induced 'High' can produce in the brain. 

Your experience may vary.  I base my hopes for this device on the knowledge gained by decades of research I've done for most of my previous books.  If you are interested in the inventor's expectations for the device, you can find the research that has led up to this invention at the following websites:

One wave in the universe provides the mass of everything else.  The entire universe has a sub-structure.

Consciousness starts at the Sub-atomic level of the universe and works its
way UP to US!

The Science of Entangled Electrons - Electron Soul Mates?

Find out why this is the most important photograph ever taken!

The Flux Antenna price includes Taxes and Shipping and Handling and One Size usually fits all - however, your hat size will help determine which one you should choose - Small, Medium or Large according to your head size.  Also comes with a complete set of instructions on how to make one yourself to give to others - Makes the perfect Christmas gift for someone who already has everything.
The Flux Antenna is designed to aid in the sending and receiving of Consciousness Waves





ALSO - Many known health benefits of Copper.  Hospitals are currently putting copper everywhere because it has been shown that copper kills bacteria and they die without any ability to adapt genetically.  No more MRSA.  

WARNING:  It is highly advised that Beta Testers fully understand the Science behind this device before they give it a serious test of their own and this is why we recommend the above reading before even ordering the device.  Using one without this scientific research that inspired the invention could end up as fruitless time wasted.

Other works in the area of Science Fiction can be found at -         

DISCLAIMER:  The author/inventor makes no claims regarding any type of benefits  the user may believe he/she has received.  Results could all be based on the Placebo effect, a well-known psychological impact of clinical trials based on the user's own expectations and hopes for desired results.  Results could also be harmful to the user and therefore you use this device at your own risk and the author assumes no responsibility.
We look forward to your reviews, comments, criticisms and even your laughter.

And may the Flux be with you always ~

Thursday, August 24, 2017

My latest work - The discovery of The Greatest Force in the Universe - What Einstein called - The Grand Unification Theory

The Greatest Force And How To Use It - Star Wars was RIGHT!



The Greatest Force in the universe has been discovered by this author.  It's Einstein's suggestion, of course, but the real proof, that Einstein could not produce mathematically is inside of your mind, literally.  The only thing you need to do now - After reading this book - is how you can use the Greatest Force in your daily life.  Come back on or around Sept. 11th to get your free copy to find out how.  Could be sooner, so check back every day and when you can click on the cover to purchase on Amazon, and/or you'll know it's available. 

My latest work will explain the following Timeline in such a way that everything happening in the world will become clear to anyone with a brain.  Why is the culture in Decay?  Could it be the Weak Force  - The force in the universe responsible for the Decay of atoms?  If so, what do we do about it?  Can we use the Strong Force?  Can we use the Greatest Force?


 In the meantime, read the previous works of mine that lead me to the greatest discovery of all time.


The Greatest Force in the Universe has been discovered.  Next, you need to learn how to use it in your every day life.  Not to worry - this book will show you the way.

The Four Fundamental Interactions in the universe - The Strong Force, The Weak Force, the Electro-Magnetic Force and Gravity have long been thought to be tributaries of the same river.  In The Greatest Force, we explore the fact that this river has been discovered by research performed recently that is based on the 'Entanglements' of electrons.  They know about each other and therefore represent the first layer of Consciousness in the universe.  It is the flow of Consciousness from the Greatest Force, right up until the presentation of these words in your brain that make up the greatest way to connect the dots.  

The Greatest Force knows where every point in the universe lies and what role it must play in the overall scheme of things.  Some of these points in the universe intersect at your location in Space/Time, therefore your fate is locked in to the same trending events of the Past, Present and Future.  What you need to do now is merely learn how these basic Laws of Physics impact all the events of your life every day.  It's not Rocket Science, and is instead one of the simplest things in the universe that can be known.  

Einstein could not prove the "Grand Unification Theory" mathematically and was frustrated up until his death in 1952.  This is only because he was over-thinking it.  In this book, we prove Einstein's greatest theory that he knew in his gut to be the absolute truth about the universe and our role in it.  

Give this book a read only if you are a curious Science buff who likes to learn about the latest scientific discoveries but without all of the blustering bluff, bombast and balderdash that accompanies most scientific papers.  This information can be completely understood by anyone with a basic High School education.  The Greatest Force planned it that way.

Is this The Force that they use in Star Wars?  I leave that up to your interpretation.  Science Fiction today often uncovers the truth about our reality in very interesting and entertaining ways.  This book will seem like Science Fiction to some, but when you complete your study and suddenly everything in your life snaps into place and things begin to go the way you had always hoped, The Greatest Force may be with you - Always!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

One Crazy Bastard Saves The World - Available NOW - Prepare for the JUMP into Hyper-Space - Get Started Now in Greatest New Sci-Fi Adventure of your life.

Get - One Crazy Bastard Saves The World - and stop complaining.  Pentagon Notified ~

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Prepare For The Jump Into HyperSpace

The story of how I used my own Science Background in researching the latest discoveries in Particle Physics to invent the Decay Ray - a Ray Gun that will be used soon to destroy all of the Nuclear Weapons laying around on this planet and threatening to destroy us all.  In this book, the hero turns the tables and destroys all nuclear threats in one day and saves the world.  This is not a drill.  Patent applied for and submitted to the Pentagon in March of 2017.  When they fire their warheads at us and they don't explode - You'll know who to thank. 

Some will call this book Science Fiction.  Others will find a new kind of reality within the pages of One Crazy Bastard Saves The World. Entering the world of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, the Author takes us on a journey through the smallest and least understood part of our universe and uses it like a paint brush to show us the way into a future that can actually save the world.

There's a world that lies hidden underneath the world that we all know and trust.  The world of the sub-atomic particles is little more than a fabric of all possible outcomes that the universe can provide.  We live in one possible event cycle of these potentials.  

When you discover our main thesis - that we are controlled by our electrons - you are free to choose from an entirely new and original set of outcomes for your life.  

The hero of this book, who also happens to be the author, has been forced to watch the world come to the brink of total disaster, however, he has also been forced to give the world the answer to all of its major problems.  You will learn about the Decay Ray Gun that he has presented to the Pentagon in real life and which may soon eliminate all possibility of nuclear war by destroying all of our nuclear warheads in a single day.  The same technology may also be used soon to covert the economy, the larger society as a whole into a very different place where the Five Laws For Humanity replace everything else that we currently know and obey.

This book is waiting to take you on the greatest adventure of your life where you will confront all of the most modern scientific principles and you will learn how to turn them into your own advantage and the realization of all your dreams.  

Hopefully part of your dream energy will be utilized to help the hero of our story actually save the world.  There has never been anything like this written down before.  

Come and play in the world of modern Quantum Physics where reality is really anything that you want it to be.  It's all in the probabilities of your life's events as they are presented by the entangled electrons in your brain.

The Author's previous books based on the latest Scientific Discoveries are converted  into the most innovative and exciting Science Fiction you may ever know.  Or is  it Science Fiction or actual Science at work here?  You may never know the difference once you put your brain to the test.

One thing is for certain, this crazy bastard is out to save the world and you're invited to watch the fun begin.

The events in this book are related to the ongoing research at The Large Hadron Collider, the particle accelerator used to uncover the secrets of the universe.  They are currently finding new particles and new forces that constitute all of the events of our lives every minute and every second.  This is a story of one of these scientists who uncovers the greatest secret of all time and is using this secret right now in our present reality to change the outcome of the destructive path we're on and divert our planet to an outcome that will satisfy all.  This is not a drill.  This is not a joke.  It's the real thing.  Volunteers are requested to join this crazy bastard to help effect the greatest possible outcome not only in your life, but for the continued life and survival of this planet.  There is no more important work of Science and Science Fiction out there today.