Monday, June 8, 2020

Science of Physics - Goes Viral - Read it TODAY!

The Science of Physics - easy to understand explanation of EVERYTHING

Nobel Prize Material?

After reading this book - Would you be able to nominate the author for a Nobel Prize?  
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The Nobel Prize is normally awarded to scientists who have discovered something new.  I believe my interpretation of String Theory is NEW and completely well-thought out and explained with a major new contribution to the Sciences and Mathematical equations.  Though, the author is not a scientist based in an accredited educational institution, you'll have to give him credit for a completely intriguing and original theory of EVERYTHING.

A Universal Constant? - Zero to the power of Infinity equals ANY NUMBER~
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Sunday, May 31, 2020

New Scientific Discovery leads to major Physics breakthrough for all Mankind - Einstein's Unified Field Theory.

In my new book - The Science of Physics - we prove Einstein was right - there is only ONE FORCE

We're all familiar with how Electricity is Made - Part of the Electromagnetic Force

Whenever we SPIN a copper wire through a magnetic field as in the GENERATOR above, we create Electricity that flows down out of the UNIVERSE and into our devices.

We might also RECALL from High School Physics that everything we know about has been classified into the PERIODIC TABLE OF THE ELEMENTS - shown below

And we might RECALL as well that the only DIFFERENCE between all of the elements is their ATOMIC WEIGHT - a matter of how many PROTONS they carried around in their middle section - THE NUCLEUS.

Most of us also know that it is the forces that HOLD these Protons in the nucleus together is the MOST POWERFUL of all the forces and we know this because of the immense energies that we have unleashed upon the world by simply knowing this.


AND SO from High School on, or even earlier for some of us, we learned about the IMMENSE power of the ATOM in the ATOMIC BOMB.  (God Forbid that we ever have to use them again.  Because last time, we only had a few.  Today, we have nearly 100,000 of these things waiting to go - BOOM!)

What makes all of this possible is the GOD PARTICLE - BELIEVE IT OR NOT

But this line of thinking began for me at 'The God Particle Bible'.  On July 4th, 2012, the Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider confirmed the existence of The God Particle, the first piece of the puzzle that is created at the 1st Trillionth of a Trillionth of the 1st Second of The Big Bang (Creation).  What happened next is the longest series of miracles in history.

But this means that The God Particle Field must be EVERYWHERE at the SAME TIME in order to KEEP all of the particles in the universe ALIVE.

Then developed into The 4 States of Consciousness.  

SO, the Science is that if you raise any number to the power of ZERO - it equals ONE.  In other words all numbers can be reduced to ONE.  As the mystics have been trying to tell us for centuries - We are ALL ONE BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED to itself by the POWER OF ZERO - or nothingness, the place where everything RESONATES FROM under the POWER OF GOD'S WILL - or Cosmic Consciousness.  

We always KNEW THIS, but it was difficult to PROVE


When you think about it - this also means that the Corollary must also be TRUE or that ZERO raised to the power of Infinity equals ANY NUMBER

Or it can be expressed thusly:

If Albert Einstein only had this new number of Zero to the Power of Infinity - he would have done it decades ago and what a wonderful world it would be.

What happens from ALL OF US GAINING THIS KNOWLEDGE?  Is up to YOU.  Consciousness that we can ALL SHARE is the subject of many of my books, the latest being 'The Science Of Physics'.




Thursday, May 21, 2020

New Book presents all the greatest Science in a coherent and meaningful analysis of where we are and what we must do next.

Albert Einstein died without proving his UNIFICATION THEORY - I believe I've done it for him.  It's all ONE Force.

If you would like to learn about the most important scientific discoveries of the past 50 years and how they apply to our chances of saving ourselves and our planet - you can take my COURSE right now and in a few minutes - YOU WILL BE MORE EXPERT than the EXPERTS on all the meaning of Science and why we are here.

The following is an EXCERPT taken from Chapter One:

"AGAIN - if any number to the power of Zero always equals ONE - then Zero to the power of Infinity equals ANY NUMBER.  Expressed mathematically this way.

Zero to the power of Infinity EQUALS a Universal Set of Numbers - or ANY NUMBER no matter how large or how small the number.

Another way of reading this formula is that Zero to the power of Infinity EQUALS the Universe. ‘U’ can stand for any number in the universe, or the universe for short.  They are interchangeable."




Saturday, May 2, 2020

The Science Of Physics will change everything including YOU

New Book - Science of Physics - Future Scientific News



Finally - The Proof that Humanity has been waiting for centuries is here.  The Science of Physics is the first explanation of all the recent scientific discoveries that prove the existence of a master planner of the universe, a Maestro of the magnificent symphony of all the smallest and largest events that give us our world.   The ideas in this book should challenge everyone in the Scientific Community to actually dig into Human DNA to find the Gene that codes for God.   The author has shown us all the pathway through our evolution in the universe that starts with the God Particle and ends with the tiniest of particles in our heads.  The possibility that this new theory is correct and that someone in a genetics lab somewhere will prove the theory is one of the most interesting and exciting books that you will read. 

In the Scientific World every once in a while someone comes along who will describe events slightly differently than most would.  These types of eccentric people are often found to be correct at a later date when more information is known, newer evidence gathered.  The author of this book considers himself to be such a person, someone ahead of his time.  The Science Of Physics is written for the lay person, but it takes in all of the most recent discoveries in Science that have proven to the satisfaction of the author that God exists and it even details exactly where God resides.  It's a fresh look at an age-old problem for Humanity.  Is there such a thing as right and wrong and why should I care?  Is there something outside of us that is guiding us in any way?  And do we even have the ability to find the answers to these questions?  

The author believes that yes, we do have the ability to answer these questions and more than that we may have discovered why we want to get some answers right now, at this point in our Evolution because any more Evolution may be dependent on our finding and accepting the answers in this book in the next few years.  All of us have the ability to know why we're here and we have the scientific evidence right in front of our noses hiding in plain sight for centuries.  If you want to be part of something much larger than yourself - you must read this book.

The Science in this book is a one-of-a-kind and completely original way to discover yourself and the world you live in, how it was created and what will keep it going in the right direction.  




When you read my book, I would enjoy any feedback that you may have.  REVIEWERS WANTED - Please come back here and send your comments as a Brief - one or three sentence REVIEW please.  This is very important information that I believe everyone on this planet should have at this time for the very important reason that we are AT A CROSSROADS.  Most scientists who study the Earth's Environmental Data will tell you that we have only a few years left to begin to REVERSE the highly TOXIC TRENDS of our Industrial Evolution.

There was TIME in the last century when we could have IGNORED THE DATA and that's what we did.  BUT, we no longer have that LUXURY

BUT, this scientist's humble opinion from studying Human Beings and Politics and Economics, the only way that we can CHANGE THINGS NOW and AVERT TOTAL EXTINCTION is IF WE GO INTO OUR DNA AND SPLICE OUT OF IT - ALL OF THE WORST ASPECTS OF OUR PSYCHE.

This is controversial indeed and I will be called a EUGENICIST - but far from it - MY ONLY CONCERN IS THAT THERE IS NO OTHER WAY OUT other than speeding up the EVOLUTION of our species because we're not progressing fast enough.



Friday, April 10, 2020

The Current CoronaVirus Global Pandemic Shows More Than Ever - We Need A Global Constitution

Global Pandemic and All Future Crises Must Be Met By a United People Living On A United Planet by a UNITING DOCUMENT!

We will not survive if we take on the GLOBAL CHALLENGES of our near future - given 7.5 Billion People each wanting a bigger piece of the pie.

The Corona Virus Kills us by taking away our ability to MAKE OXYGEN in our lungs.  Our Planet Earth is LESS and LESS ABLE to make OXYGEN in the rain forests and in the ocean.


Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Best New Scientific Discovery Of the way that miracles are happening all around us all the time.

If you've read anything about the God Particle . . .

You know that this was the craziest and possibly the most important discovery of all time.

The God Particle being found now, means that there has to be some force that can create miracles in our lives.   

As soon as you realize who you truly are and the way that you are connected to your creator, the rest is easy.

It's all about the Space/Time that lies in between all the energy that flows throughout the entire universe.  It's ubiquitous and we are the Ubiquitored..

Your life's greatest miracle could be the discovery of this page.  The rest is up to you.

Be open-minded and the Truth has nowhere else to go.


Saturday, December 7, 2019

Real Elections 2020 - Get the new best-selling book - Then, decide.

Real Elections are possible in 2020 - but only IF . . . 

You start reading NOW!


FIRST we need to SAVE THE EARTH - but the very minute we've secured the planet from the path to oblivion and extinction we're on - we must SAVE THE COUNTRY so that we NEVER REACH THIS POINT OF DESPERATION EVER AGAIN!